Welcome to Sustain-a-Drain!

The Sustain-a-Drain storm drain filter system is an innovative and sustainable device to prevent oil and debris from entering into storm drains. The system features a visual indicator which is calibrated to an oil adsorbing material in the unit to detect when oil adsorption capacity has been reached. The oil adsorbing material can be easily washed and reused; thus reducing a waste stream of spent filters going to landfill. Prevention of oil from entering storm drains, helps to protect our water bodies and the environment.


Since 2012, our Sustain-a-Drain filter systems have been implemented at the University of California, Riverside's Fleet Services automotive yard. This living laboratory setting has provided opportunities for many undergraduate students to gain hands-on engineering experience, continue to update and improve the Sustain-a-Drain filter system. The Sustain-a-Drain system has been continually improved for sediment and debris capture, ease of maintenance, and visual detection of filter saturation. In April 2014, new team members of Sustain-a-Drain demonstrated an updated design at the 2014 Eco Innovators / Spring Green Expo held at the Metropolitan Water District.

sustain a drain 2.jpg
Lab-scale demonstration of the Sustain-a-Drain system

Linh Tong and Diego Novoa demonstrate using a lab-scale storm drain unit with simulated rainfall.

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